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Artificial Grass Polyethylene Lawn Flooring Turf Olive Green 
This synthetic grass can be used on rooftops, balconies, patios and around swimming pools. 

* Anti-fading yarn; UV stabilised
* Mowing and watering free
* No pesticides and fertilizers required
* Money, time and labour-saving
* Easy to cut and install
* Can be glued/ pegged down or used loose laid
* Children and pets safe

* Pile height: 10mm
* Machine gauge: 5/32inch
* Tufted Density (d/M2): 60000
* Stitch Rate (/10cm): 24
* Backing Glue: Synthetic Glue
* Yarn Denier (dtex): 2200
* Total Weight: 0.9kg/m2

Package Contents
1 x Roll of Synthetic Grass